Comerford Dam, Vermont

Sunday, January 2, 2011

El Tiempo Cuenca

I was very happy to usher in the start of 2011, because this is the year that I make my move! Well, I’m making it every day, a little bit at a time, but now that the calendar has turned over to the new  year, moving to Ecuador seems a little more solid, more real.  I mean, I can actually look at the 2011 calendar, point to a month and say, this is the month that I am going!
That little bit at a time part – trying every day to do something that will get me closer to Cuenca – is fantastic. Thinking this way keeps me focused on what I’m trying to do, and even if all I do one day is check my Cuenca blogs and read El Tiempo Cuenca, one of Cuenca’s daily newspapers, I’ve made a connection.
I’m actually feeling a little schizophrenic these days; some of me already in Cuenca, some of me here, filling a cardboard box with stuff to get rid of. Over Christmas, when I read an account of El dia del Nino, when people from all over Ecuador come to celebrate the Christmas Child, I really wanted to be there.
Thanks to the Internet, I could read about it and see photos in El Tiempo Cuenca. Very nice.
The Christmas that I did have here was wonderful, spent with dear friends and filled with good food and good conversation. But I could feel the pull of another Christmas to come.
Progress report: I’ve finished my first online job, and got a 5.0 review from the client – the highest rating possible. Very nice.  Looks great on my profile.
Took advantage of the three-day New Year’s weekend to plow through more stuff and resign it to the trash. How I ever managed to accumulate all this stuff is beyond me.