Comerford Dam, Vermont

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spider Plants follow me to Cuenca!

When I got out of bed Monday morning, my right ankle complained painfully. After a little limping around, I decided it might be a good day to stay home, instead of putting in my three to four mile daily walk!

So I started poking around in the yard. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was weeding and pruning. I was surprised to find so many familiar plants.

Allium, I think.

The people in the yard behind this one have a coconut palm, and there are a couple of small trees in this yard, as a result of drops from their tree. There's a fairly ancient grape vine, and ivy covering the back brick walls.

These white irises run around all four walls of the house.

I picked out the two trees to suspend my hammock from, but Maria Elena, my landlady, pointed out that one of them was a lemon verbena. For years I've been buying a lemon verbena every spring for my yard, and now I have a tree to enjoy all year round.

Growing around the lemon verbena are geraniums and creeping charlie, blooming with small white flowers.

These purple wandering jew plants are everywhere, but I've never seem them flower before.

Some of the houseplants that I had in Vermont are growing here in the yard. Geraniums, ivy, impatiens, and spider plants are all thriving outside here. I even found a little potted violet and some allysium.

All the trees, and even the jade plants, have these air plants growing here and there on their limbs. You can see a tiny one at the very top of the photo.

I spent a very pleasant day, limping around the yard, weeding and discovering, pruning and watering. An afternoon breeze made for very pleasant work, and I was very happy that I had chosen this place to live, and not a seventh floor apartment!

P.S. The fruit in the top photo is called a Chinese Cherry. I think Maria Elena said you could eat them, but they're not very good.

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